Species Lists

Below are a series of species lists, some annotated, for major taxa at QUBS. We hope to augment and revise these as we can.

Lichens (to come)


Checklist for fungi & slime moulds (147 KB), prepared by Mark Conboy.

Pteridophytes (ferns)

Checklist for ferns (266 KB), prepared by Mark Conboy and Jim Pringle (Royal Botanical Garden).

Vascular plants

Checklist of the trees, shrubs and vines (916 KB), prepared by Mark Conboy and Adele Crowder.

Plant list for Rock Dunder (south of Jones Falls Road) (57 KB), a property now owned by Rideau Waterway Land Trust

A Frontenac Provincial Park checklist (91 KB)

Surveys conducted by Dale Kristensen and colleagues in 2002 and 2003 for the OMNR park management review. Although somewhat dated in terms of Species at Risk designations it is a quite thorough snapshot of species.

A species list for the Boston Property Ecogift to QUBS (596 KB), based on surveys conducted by Dale Kristensen.

Moths & butterflies

Moths list (103 KB) from Kit Muma, June 2008. Please email all comments to her at: muma@ithaca.edu.

This list is based on Ward et al. (1974) and was compiled by the Fullard Lab. Reference: Ward, P.S., Harmsen, R. and Hebert, P.D.N. 1974. The Macroheterocera of south-eastern Ontario. J. Res. Lepid. 13: 23-42.

Photos are available from the "Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility" on the "Moths of Canada" web site.

Butterflies checklist (145 KB), prepared by Mark Conboy.



List of possible damselfly species found in the QUBS vicinity (89 KB). Based on Corbet 1967 (Proceedings of North-Central chapter of the Entomol. Soc. Amer.)


A revised checklist (July 2009) of dragonflies (1 MB), of species known or expected to occur at QUBS. Prepared by Mark Conboy, Kit Muma, Bruce Smith and Floyd Connor.

Longhorn Beetles

List of longhorn beetles (141 KB), prepared by Mark Conboy.


(e.g. crickets, stoneflies, mantids, termites, grasshoppers, roaches)

Species checklist of orthopteroids potentially found at QUBS (98 KB), prepared by S.M. Paiero and Mark Conboy.


Crayfish species list (92 KB), prepared by Mark Conboy.



Fish species of Lake Opinicon (94 KB), prepared by Frank Phelan.

Amphibians & Reptiles

List of QUBS amphibian & reptile species (63 KB) by G. Blouin-Demers and S.C. Lougheed. List of 32 species total: 10 anurans, 7 salamanders, 5 turtle species, 1 lizard and 9 snakes.


Birds (1.6 MB), an annotated checklist of the birds of QUBS and the Lake Opinicon prepared by Mark Conboy and Paul Martin that includes 251 species (including documented breeders, winter residents, migrants, accidentals and those that should occur here but as yet have not been documented).


List of QUBS mammal species (104 KB), compiled by Mark Conboy and Frank Phelan. The list contains 55 species of mammals, some of which are rare, accidental or extirpated.

Species at Risk

List of Species at Risk in Ontario (148 KB).

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