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Many of our Outreach activities, including Eco-Adventure Camp for 10-14 year olds, occur at our Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre. Situated at the end of Hewlett-Packard Road off North Shore Road, the Centre is on the shores of pristine Elbow Lake embedded within 400 hectares of rugged terrain and varied wetlands and forests.

Activities like our Open House, weekly spring and summer seminar series, and many workshops occur at our main research and teaching facility on the shores of Lake Opinicon, directions for which may be found on our Contact Page.

Eco-Adventure Camp

Run from July 4th to August 26th, the camp for young people aged 10-14 focuses on exploring nature and the environment, as well as outdoor activities like hiking and canoeing. It is held at our Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre. For more information visit the Eco-Adventure web site.

QUBS Seminars 2017

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 - 7:00 PM
Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 - 7:00 PM

Held in the Conference Room in the R.J. Robertson Biodiversity Centre each Wednesday at 7:00 pm, beginning in the first week of May. All are welcome!

Date Speaker Talk Title
3 May Changku Kang
Carleton University
Anti-predator adaptations in moths.
10 May Grant Brown
Concordia University
The cognitive ecology of predator avoidance: Lessons from the Trinidadian guppy.
17 May Steve Lougheed
Queen's University
What is endemisim? Understanding limited geographic distributions across spatial and temporal scales.
24 May QUBS Student Researchers
Current research at QUBS. Five-minute presentations by student researchers on their background and research questions.
31 May Jennifer Bond, Lock Master, Kingston Mills Lock Station
Rideau Canal
Water management in the Rideau Canal.
7 June Brian Leydet
State University of New York, Syracuse
Novel Approaches to better understand Lyme disease transmission, infection, and ecology.
14 June John Serafini
Queen's University
Rain: How does it matter for Eastern Ontario's oldfield meadows?
21 June Chloé Montreuil-Spencer
Queen's University
Relationships between winter energetic condition and reproductive investment in the subsequent season in a wild bird.
28 June Liz Cooper
Queen's University
Wildlife photography: Other ways of seeing.
5 July Shannon Bower
Carleton University
The wicked problem of data deficiencies in global conservation.
12 July Steve Lougheed
Queen's University
Conservation & environmental issues in China in the age of infrastructure megaprojects.
19 July Ali Giroux
Nature Conservancy of Canada
The Nature Conservancy of Canada in Eastern Ontario.
26 July Amanda Cicchino
Queen's University
Arboreality in the spring peeper. Testing for evolutionary tradeoffs.
2 August Steve Lukits
English, Royal Military College
Lives of Pines, with Otters
9 August George Heimpel
University of Minnesota
Biological control as a conservation science: Protecting Darwin's finches from an invasive parasite in the Galapagos Islands
16 August Mike Lawrence
Carleton University
Fish on acid: A tale of urine, nitrogen metabolism, and acid-base regulation.



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