Application for Research, Lab Space, and Accommodation

Application Forms (PDF)


We will endeavour to provide you with the accommodations and lab space that you request. However, please keep in mind that at peak times (May, June, and late August particularly) we may have multiple field courses and research groups, and it may be challenging to provide you with your preferred options.

Application for lab space and accommodation assists us in planning for the research season, and allows us to allot appropriate space at Opinicon for your research program. To allocate accommodation space, a complete list of principal investigators, students and assistants, along with their period of residence and housing preferences will be required. Please indicate what degree program, if any, each person is currently enrolled in. Your list of personnel to come to QUBS should be realistic, so that we do not unnecessarily turn away others. If additional students or assistants are taken on after the application is submitted, alterations to the initial request may be possible subject to available space. Please note that all researchers who intend to conduct research on Station land holdings, whether using QUBS labs and housing or working out of their home institutions, must fill a Research Application.

​QUBS Director, Dr. Stephen Lougheed and QUBS Senior Manager Sonia Nobrega will review all applications. In your research application please include a project title and short description, location(s) where your research will be conducted, and requirements for lab space for each researcher. Some projects may be deemed inappropriate for QUBS if they are incompatible with our mandate or university regulations. An outline of your expectations regarding exclusive use of particular study sites or organisms is required. We will attempt to minimize potential conflicts over limited study sites and/or particular organisms.

To allow for planning, the deadline for application for long-term accommodation is April 1st each year, but please note that we welcome applications throughout the year; a preliminary space assignment will be made by 15 April, at which time you will receive an invoice for a deposit (first billing). A minimum deposit of 75% of estimated costs is required. Some investigators prefer to forward 90% or 100% of estimated costs at the first billing stage. Such a payment greatly simplifies subsequent billings. Please indicate what proportion of your estimated costs you wish to have in the first billing. Once this is paid, presumably by about end of April, when new NSERC money becomes available, the designated space or equipment will be guaranteed. The deposit will be shown as a credit toward your board and room (accommodation), bench fees, and boat rental charges. Once this credit is used up, you will receive monthly invoices for QUBS charges.

For vertebrate work of any kind, you will need to provide copies of standard operating procedures and animal care protocols approved by your home university. These must be filed with Queen's University Animal Care Committee (c/o Natalie Kolomeitz-Douglas - Research Services) and a copy sent to QUBS.

All chemicals used must be listed on the application form. We do not need hard copies of the MSDS sheets but we should have a list of links to them available. Safe storage and disposal must be discussed with the Manager. QUBS is NOT an appropriate site for extensive chemical use, so bring only that which is absolutely necessary and in as small a quantity as possible. All lab group members must have WHMIS training before working with chemicals or in a laboratory environment.

Familiarize yourself with the Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy. This must be adhered to in all research at QUBS. Queen's PIs must complete planning pages and get Departmental approval for all field work undertaken at QUBS. Non-Queen's PIs are encouraged to fully review the Queen's process and use it as a guideline for their own reviews (see our QUBS Safety Page). All Principal Investigators must conduct familiarization and risk assessments with their research team before undertaking field work. Copies of procedures and risk assessments must be filed at QUBS.

Each supervisor must accept responsibility for ensuring that bills charged against persons under his or her supervision will be paid. Applications for use of the station from users who have unpaid bills from previous years will not be considered.