Bonwill Tract

The Bonwill Tract was purchased from Allan and Ellen Bonwill in 1986.

Boston Wildlands

This tract of land was donated by Ralph and Elizabeth Boston in 2004 and consists of slightly over 100 hectares.

Bracken Tract

This property, encompassing 500 acres, was donated by George and Margaret Bracken in memory of George’s parents.

Hughson Farm

This 340 hectare property was the first purchase of land away from Queen's point.

Massasauga Tract

In 2001, a parcel of land along the Massasauga Road was donated to the Biological Station.

Moores Tract

This tract of land was donated by Frank and Beth Moores and comprises three zones.

Queen's Point

Queen’s purchased the tip of a peninsula, on Lake Opinicon, in 1945.