Mandate & Goals

QUBS Mandate

To provide opportunities for teaching and research in biology and related sciences; and to use active stewardship and best management practices to conserve local terrestrial and aquatic environments, and biodiversity.

Specific Mission Statements & Goals

  • Provide a dynamic and supportive environment for leading-edge research spanning, but not limited to, conservation, ecology, evolution and environmental studies.
  • Support and help to develop undergraduate and graduate courses in field biology, environmental biology and related sciences.
  • Acquire, and protect in perpetuity representative and/or significant properties, habitats and ecosystems near the field station.
  • Provide locally obtained data and electronic resources on climate, the physical environment and biodiversity and making these available through a Geographical Information System and data/information archives.
  • Act as a liaison between university researchers and the local community, and a conduit for dissemination of natural history and scientific knowledge.
  • Engage in outreach to foster public awareness of environmental and conservation issues.