QUBS Live Streams

Forest PhenoCam

An hourly photo of woodlands and Lake Opinicon looking east towards Cow Island.


See historical QUBS PhenoCam imagery at: https://phenocam.nau.edu/webcam/sites/queens/

Lake Opinicon Aqua Cam

The live aqua cam is situated in the bay just off our docks by the boat house at our Opinicon Campus. We do move it around to try to capture some of the varied aquatic life that resides in Lake Opinicon - with depths varying between 1 and 2 metres below the surface over the season. 

Raleigh J. Robertson Biodiversity Centre Feeder Cam

The live bird cam allows you to view the local bird diversity as different species come to visit our two sunflower feeders at the Raleigh J. Robertson Biodiversity Centre (at least those species that like seeds)