QUBS Seminars 2012

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 - 7:00 PM
Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 - 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday May 16. Laurene Ratcliffe & Anne Mckellar (Queen's University). Title: 10 years of American redstart research.
  • Wednesday May 23. Who we are. QUBS researchers tell the assembled audience a bit about their research and aspirations.  
  • Wednesday May 30. Rob Alvo author of Being a Bird in North America. Title: Common Loon breeding success in relation to lake size and acidity.  
  • Wednesday June 6. Dr. Rosemary Knapp (U Oklahoma). Title: An update on hormonal studies on the alternative male reproductive phenotypes in bluegill sunfish. 
  • Wednesday June 13th Will Kirby (Dalhousie). Title: The hunt for microaerophilic amoebae.  
  • Wednesday June 20th Laura Doubleday (Queen's). Title: Scents and Sensibility: Floral fragrance and pollinator ecology.
  • Wednesday June 27th Mike Runtz (Carleton). Title: The lies that nature tells:  Animal mimicry and floral deceit. Web site.
  • Wednesday July 4th. Dinuka Gunaratne and Garth Cashborne. (York University) Title: Wood Thrush nest predation in fragmented woodlots using mini cameras.
  • Wednesday July 11th. Emily Dobson (Queen's) Saving the last of a species: A short history of artificial insemination and Lonely George.
  • Wednesday July 18th. Steve Lukits (RMC) Uncertain heaven. Round Lake observations 1980-2012.
  • Wednesday July 25th. Lauren Stoot (Carleton) Freshwater turtles and interactions with commercial fisheries.
  • Wednesday August 8. Sarah Wallace (Queen's University). Title: Western Voyaging. Coastal Diversity on Canada's BC Coast.
  • Wednesday August 15. Marvin Gunderman (McMaster). Title. Spineless marvels: Arthropods in your backyard.
  • Wednesday August 29. Samantha Klaus (Queen's). Title. Songs in the key of Spring: Predicting frog calls in eastern Ontario using historic and field-collected climate data
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