2020-03-17: The global COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold as do institutional and government responses. We are monitoring the situation and responding to guidance and imperatives from Queen's University. For now we intend to stay open for individual researchers for the Spring and Summer but encourage them to access our facilities and landbase each day from home packing their own bagged lunch. We will not host gatherings of more than 10 people, and field courses, large workshops and other such meetings will not be hosted until further notice. For researchers from farther away, we will work to accommodate you in our facilities but will seek to ensure 'social distancing' with only one person per cabin, plenty of hand sanitizer and soap and water, and access to cooking facilities so that individuals may provide for themselves (we are exploring kitchen options). Please contact us should you have questions and note that our plans and actions may change as the situation evolves. Here is a link to COVID-19 resources at Queen's: https://www.queensu.ca/covidinfo/

Should you have questions regarding activities at QUBS please contact our Senior Manager Sonia Nobrega, Operations Managers of our two campuses, Aron Zolderdo and Adam Morcom, of QUBS Director Stephen Lougheed.

Please check back regularly for the latest updates.

QUBS Seminars 2014

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 - 7:00 PM
Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 - 8:00 PM
Date Speaker Talk Title
30 April Steve Lougheed
Queen's University
A travelogue of Australia: Biodiversity in northern Queensland, the Northern Territory and the Sapphire Coast.
7 May Gabriel Blouin-Demers
University of Ottawa
Solving an evolutionary puzzle: the maintenance of within population polymorphism.
14 May Chris Eckert
Queen's University
Why range limits? Ecology, evolution and conservation.
21 May Beth MacDougall-Shackleton
Western University
Birdsong: a window to the past, present and future.
28 May Laurene Ratcliffe
Queen's University
Annual variation in American Redstart plumage ornaments is predicted by the weather.
4 June Scott Colborne​
Western University
Foraging ecology, sexual selection, and speciation in the sunfish of eastern Ontario.
11 June Julie Claussen
Illinois Natural History Survey
Can social media make you a better scientist?
18 June Steve Lougheed
Queen's University
Internationalization at QUBS. Deepening Connections to China and the Yangtze River.
25 June Dave Philipp
Illinois Natural History Survey
Short-term and long-term impacts of angling on bass.
2 July Bruce P. Smith and Kit E. Muma
Biology Dept., Ithaca College
Kiwis and Kokakos: Wildlife Conservation in New Zealand
9 July Mike Runtz
Carleton University
Nature of Algonquin
16 July Becky Taylor
Queen's University
The seabirds of Ascension Island and the evolution of seasonal populations of the band-rumped storm-petrel (Oceanodroma castro)
23 July Adrien Djomo
Queen's University
Africa's contribution to the Earth's sustainability: A case study of Cameroon.
30 July Marv Gunderman
McMaster University
Insects of the cloud forests of Honduras.
6 August Neal Scott
Geography, Queen's University
Watching forests grow – changes in the future and legacies of the past.
13 August Catherine Dale
Queen's University
Should I stay or should I go? Causes and consequences of partial migration in western bluebirds.
20 August Shelley Arnott
Queen's University
Disentangling the relative importance of local- versus regional-scale processes on community response to environmental change.
27 August Grégory Bulté
Carleton University
Thinking inside the box: lessons from turtles.
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