QUBS Hosts a Bi-National Meeting on the Bloody Red Shrimp

October 6th, 2011

On October 5th and 6th QUBS hosted a bi-national meeting on the Bloody Red Shrimp (Hemimysis anomala), the most recent invader in the Great Lakes. Hemimysis is a near shore omnivorous invertebrate that was first seen in the Great Lakes in 2006. Researchers from seven universities and four governmental agencies from around the Great Lakes Basin met to discuss recent findings and plan future collaborations surrounding this new invader. Hemimysis, has a patchy distribution, but can reach high densities around piers, docks and break walls. Hemimysis consume a variety of planktonic prey and in turn are eaten by resident fishes suggesting this invasive animal will likely impact Great Lakes food webs. Preliminary studies from Fisheries and Oceans Canada suggest recreational boating is a viable vector for transport to inland lakes. Future research will evaluate the impact of these invaders on inland lakes.

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