QUBS featured at 2014 American Fisheries Society Conference in Quebec City

August 18th, 2014

A special symposium titled “A retrospective of fisheries advances emanating from the Queen’s University Biological Station” was held Monday Aug 18. Seven presentations covered a range of topics, from the foundations of community ecology laid by the late Dr. J. Allen Keast to more recent and current research:

  • Jennifer Harker – Foundations of freshwater ecology – the legacy of Dr. Allen Keast
  • Dr. Bryan Neff (UWO) – Sunfishes of Opinicon: Mating tactics to foraging ecology
  • Jeff Koppleman (DNR – Missouri) – Hybridization among sunfishes – the saga continues
  • Dr. Steve Cooke (Carleton U) – Black bass parental care – where behaviour and physiology meet
  • Caleb Hasler (U of Illinois) – Warner Lake: Using a whole-lake acoustic telemetry array to understand Largemouth Bass
  • Julie Claussen (INHS) – Impacts of invasive species on Smallmouth Bass reproduction in the St. Lawrence River

The sessions were well-attended and culminated in a panel discussion focused on the role of field stations in research and the challenges into the future.

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