QUBS Seminars 2011

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 - 7:00 PM
Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 - 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday 11 May 7:00 pm: Paulo C. Pulgarin-R. (University of Lethbridge). Title. The population history of the Downy Woodpecker (Picoides pubescens) in North America: insights from genetics, ecological niche modeling and bioacoustics.
  • Friday 20 May 2011 7:00 pm: Connie O’Connor (Carleton University). Title: The Ecology of Stress: A Multidisciplinary Perspective on Stress in Wild Fishes. 
  • Wednesday 25 May 7:00 pm: Sarah Larocque (Carleton University). Title. Modeling and mitigating freshwater turtle mortality associated with inland hoop net fisheries.
  • Wednesday 1 June 7:00 pm: Title: Who we are I. Researchers introduce themselves and their research.
  • Wednesday 8 June 7:00 pm: Title: Who we are II. More researchers!
  • Wednesday 15 June 7:00 pm: Mark Conboy (Queen's University Biological Station). Title: Land of Rivers: A Brief Natural History of Guyana. Featuring dozens of beautiful photos by Philina English and spanning a myriad of topics including curare (arrow poisons), man-eating fish and the rare and elusive Golden Rocket Frog.
  • Wednesday 22 June 7:00 pm: Cory Toth. Title: I think I can take him: Evidence for transitive inference in Black-capped chickadees.
  • Wednesday 29 June 7:00 pm: David Sutter. Title: Behavioral and reproductive consequences of an angling-induced selection in Micropterus salmoides.
    Abstract: Behavioral and reproductive consequences of an angling-induced selection in Micropterus salmoides
    Few empirical studies have evaluated the consequences of angling-induced selection (AIS) on fitness in fish. The present study examines potential impacts of AIS on behavior and reproductive success using two lines of largemouth bass (LMB) selected for high (HVF) and low vulnerability to angling (LVF).
  • Wednesday 6 July 7pm: Dr. Bruce Smith (Ithaca College). Title: There’s something about Arrenurus, the perversity of diversity.
    Abstract - Water mites are an extremely successful group of aquatic organisms, however even more remarkable is the genus Arrenurus, which worldwide, represents one of approx. 300  genera, yet 1/6 of all described species.  What are some of the factors  that contribute to the success of this genus?
  • Wednesday 13 July 7pm: Neil Patterson (Local Historian). Title: The history of Opinicon Lake and its surrounding areas (Including the building of the Rideau canal and how it shaped the industries of Eastern Ontario).
  • Wednesday 20 July 7pm: Philina English. Title: "Why are Robin’s eggs blue?" (and some pondering thoughts about whip-poor-wills).
  • Wednesday 27 July 7pm: Matt Saunders. Title: Gone Batty: Ecology of local bats.
  • Wednesday 3 August 7pm: Brian Osborne. Title: Building of the Rideau Canal.
  • Wednesday 10 August 7pm: Nick Cairns. Title: Snakes I have known and loved.
  • Wednesday 17 August 7pm: Marvin Gunderman. Title: “What’s Bugging You" Putting names to the faces of some of Ontario’s Arthropods.
  • Wednesday 24 August 7pm: Greg Bulté. Title: Cool things reptiles do.