Recent Publications and Theses based on QUBS research

October 25th, 2018

As the 2018 QUBS field season comes to an end, we wanted to share some of the amazing research that was completed this year. Here are the publications and theses from 2018 that were written based on research done on QUBS property. If you know of a publication or theses that is not on this list, please contact Ivy Schoepf and it will be added.

Peer-reviewed publications

  1. Abrams AEI, Rous AM, Brooks JL, Lawrence MJ, Midwood JD, Doka SE, Cooke SJ (2018) Comparing Immobilization, Recovery, and Stress Indicators Associated with Electric Fish Handling Gloves and a Portable Electrosedation System. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society147, 390-399.


  1. Bulté G, Chlebak RJ, Dawson JW, Blouin-Demers G (2018) Studying mate choice in the wild using 3D printed decoys and action cameras: a case of study of male choice in the northern map turtle. Animal Behaviour138, 141-143.


  1. Cox AR, Robertson RJ, Fedy BC, Rendell WB, Bonier F (2018) Demographic drivers of local population decline in Tree Swallows (Tachycineta bicolor) in Ontario, Canada. The Condor120, 842-851.


  1. Lawrence MJ, Godin JGJ, Cooke SJ (2018) Does experimental cortisol elevation mediate risk-taking and antipredator behaviour in a wild teleost fish? Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A226, 75-82.


  1. Lawrence MJ, Jain-Schlaepfer S, Zolderdo AJ, Algera D, Gilmour K, Gallagher AJ, Cooke SJ (2018) Are 3 minutes good enough for obtaining baseline physiological samples from teleost fish? Canadian Journal of Zoology96, 774–786.


  1. Loggie JW, Garner SR, Partridge CG, Dixon B, Knapp R, Neff BD (2018) A test of the effects of androgens on immunity: No relationship between 11-ketotestosterone and immune performance in bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus). General and Comparative Endocrinology261, 1-8.


  1. Maxwell RJ, Zolderdo AJ, de Bruijn R, Brownscombe JW, Staaterman E, Gallagher AJ, Cooke SJ (2018) Does motor noise from recreational boats alter parental care behaviour of a nesting freshwater fish? Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems28, 969-978.


  1. Nelson-Flower MJ, Germain RR, MacDougall-Shackleton EA, Taylor SS, Arcese P (2018) Purifying selection in the toll-like receptors of song sparrows Melospiza melodiaJournal of Heredity1, 9.


  1. Newar SL, Careau V (2018) The fast and the curious: locomotor performance and exploratory behaviour in eastern chipmunks. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology72, 27.


  1. Schoenle LA, Schoepf I, Weinstein NM, Moore IT, Bonier F (2018) Higher plasma corticosterone is associated with reduced costs of infection in red-winged blackbirds. General and comparative endocrinology256, 89-98.


  1. Sinclair JS, Arnott SE (2018) Local context and connectivity determine the response of zooplankton communities to salt contamination. Freshwater Biology63, 1273-1286.


  1. Xia J, Elvidge CK, Cooke SJ (2018) Niche separation, ontogeny, and heterospecific alarm responses in centrarchid sunfish. Behavioral Ecology29, 862-868. 



Honours Theses

  1. Collard A (2018) Body size variation in a community of coexisting carrion beetles- Supervised by PR Martin (Queens’ University)


  1. Everitt K (2018) Maximum Daily Temperature: a Strong Predictor of Growth and Survival of Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) Nestlings – Supervised by F Bonier (Queens’ University)


  1. Finley JV (2018) Using Meristem Allocation to Distinguish Adaptive Plant Strategies: Relationships with Plant Body Size– Supervised by L Aarssen (Queens’ University)


  1. Foster S (2018) Chip” times: Individual variation in endurance capacity of wild Eastern chipmunks- Supervised by V Careau (University of Ottawa)


  1. Gillis D (2018) Testing for fine-scale genetic structure of largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) in Lake Opinicon– Supervised by SL Lougheed (Queen’s University)


  1. Golemiec A (2018) Does Alliaria petiolata impact mycorrhizal colonization and root health of native herbs?- Supervised by R Colautti (Queens’ University)


  1. Klueppel S (2018) Effect of herbivory on phenological development of the invasive species Lythrum salicaria- Supervised by R Colautti (Queen’s University)


  1. Miranda J (2018) Leafing Intensity as a Predictor of Reproductive Output in Herbaceous Angiosperms: a Between-Species Investigation– Supervised by L Aarssen (Queens’ University)


  1. Walter Z (2018) Does Temperature Influence the Expression and Benefits of Male Parental Care in the Burying Beetle, Nicrophorus Orbicollis– Supervised by F Bonier (Queens’ University) 

Master Theses

  1. Beaulne D (2018) The Importance of Geospatial Inputs in Assessing Fine-scale Landscape Genetic Patterns of a Temperate Treefrog– Supervised by SL Lougheed and G Fotopoulos (Queen’s University)


  1. Berberi I (2018) Behavioral syndromes and performance trade-offs: Among-individuals correlations and relationships with survival in white-footed mice, Peromyscus leucopus- Supervised by V Careau (University of Ottawa)


  1. Cox A (2018) Population decline in an avian aerial insectivore (Tachycineta bicolor) linked to climate change – Supervised by F Bonier (Queens’ University) 


  1. Prystay T (2018) Relationship between cardiac performance and fitness of wild fish– Supervised by SJ Cooke (Carleton University) and E Eliason (University of California at Santa Barbara)


PhD Theses

  1. Kelly T (2018) Songbird migration and infectious disease– Supervised by EA MacDougall-Shackleton (University of Western Ontario)


  1. Sinclair JS (2018) The Relative Importance of Population Size, Colonist Quality, and Colonist Arrival Frequency for Population Success- Supervised by S Arnott (Queens’ University)