QUBS hosts Canada-China 2015 field course with 31 students coming from 10 universities.

August 12th, 2015

Another successful running of our China-Canada field course - started in 2005 by Yuxiang Wang, and now co-taught by Yuxiang and QUBS Director Stephen Lougheed. Thirty-one students came from Trent, Western, York, Toronto, Memorial, and Queen's through the Ontario University Program in Field Biology, while Chinese students cam from Southwestern (Chongqing), Tongji and Fudan (Shanghai), and Beijing Normal University. Students learned about diversity of different groups and how to survey them, and gained hands-on insight on how to assess wetlands. Myriad issues of human activities and their impacts on aquatic environments were the focus of many discussions. Class excursions included trips to the main Queen's Campus, the Ravensview Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Thousand Islands. You can read more about activities on the course blog.