Orianne Tournayre - Biography

OrianneDr. Orianne Tournayre completed her PhD (2019) in molecular ecology at Montpellier Supagro in France. She has worked with a broad range of biological models (ants, bird ectoparasites, rodents, bats) to investigate diverse ecological issues such as host-parasite interactions, biological invasion and biological conservation. Since completing her PhD, she has applied DNA-based approaches to study biodiversity and trophic interactions, with a particular interest in species of concern. Her current research involves i) developing a Tree of Life eDNA metabarcoding approach to assess aquatic diversity and freshwater ecosystem health, ii) evaluating spatio-temporal variation of species at risk distribution in contrasted water bodies. As side projects, she is also working on the species-specific detection of an endangered snake using an eDNA quantitative PCR and digital PCR approaches, and on the detection of secondary predation in vertebrate feces using metabarcoding.


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