Allen Tian - Biography

Allen TianAllen Tian is a PhD student in the Wang and Lougheed labs in the Department of Biology at Queen's University. He completed his MSc (2021) with Yuxiang and Dan Lefebvre, focusing on using environmental DNA and drone photogrammetry to characterize the distribution and intensity of early, small scale cyanobacterial algal blooms in lakes on the southern end of the Rideau Canal system in Ontario. His PhD work focuses on applying metabarcoding on aquatic eDNA to investigate relationships between mollusk and phytoplankton assemblage species richness and community structure, and the impact of invasive mollusk species on them. Additionally, he works on citizen science projects and assisting the Queen's graduate community as a Queen's Graduate Inclusivity Fellow and chair of the Ontario Ecology, Ethology & Evolution Colloquium 2022.