QUBS Seminars 2023

10 May - 16 August 2023

Each year we run a seminar series from May through August, with topics running the gamut from natural history, environmental management, and natural history to wildlife art. In the past two years our seminars have been virtual, but this year we are returning to in-person. Typically held in the Conference Room in the R.J. Robertson Biodiversity Centre each Wednesday at 7:00 pm, seminars this year begin May 11. We ask that all who attend bring and wear a mask indoors for the safety of all. All are welcome!

Recorded Summer Seminars can be viewed on our YouTube Channel

Date Speaker Talk Title
10 May QUBS researchers and summer interns What we do at QUBS.
17 May Stephen Lougheed (Queen's University) New camera. Same old photographer. Better nature photos?
24 May John Ratlciffe (University of Toronto)

Bats, from the K-Pg boundary (~65 mya) to those in your backyard

31 May Roslyn Dakin (Carleton University) The power of friends in competitive and cooperative birds
7 June Keith Van de Riet, PhD, AIA (University of Kansas, School of Architecture and Design) Toward ecosystems integration: biomimetic built environments
14 June

QUBS Writers Studio. Queen's University Biological Station & . Department of English.

With feature authors Lisa Boivin and Zehra Naqvi

Writing for and on the land:  Reflections from the QUBS Writer's Studio

More info here: https://www.queensu.ca/english/about/events/writing-for-and-on-the-land-reflections-from-the-qubs-writers-studio

21 June

Javier Salgado-Ortiz (Universidad Michoacana, Mexico)

Guacamole and birds: Assesing the impact of avocado plantations on bird diversity in Mexico.

28 June Grace Johnston (Queen's University)

Representativeness of Protected Areas in the Algonquin to Adirondacks Region: A Gap Analysis

5 July

Stephen Lougheed (Queen's University)

A photo travelogue of diversity in Kenya

12 July David Philip & Julie Claussen (Fisheries Conservation Foundation) Using recreational angling to drive conservation in Bhutan
19 July Troy Martin (Queen's University)

Effects of 'eco-friendly' road de-icer alternatives on freshwater ecosystems: A mesocosm study at QUBS.

26 July Chris Wilson (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Aquatic Research and Monitoring Section) eDNA uses and applications for resource management
2 August James Connolly (Dept of Anthropology, Trent University) The Archaeology of Ontario's Drowned Landscapes
9 August Wenxi Feng (Tongi University, Shanghai) Why do species have limits to their distributions?  Insights from studies of the musk turtle using environmental DNA and community science.
16 August Abraham Francis (Clarkson University) Negotiating Rights and Responsibilities with the Kaniatarowanenneh (St. Lawrence) in Akwesasne