QUBS Seminars 2018

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 - 7:00 PM
Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 - 7:00 PM

Each year we run a seminar series from May through August, with topics running the gamut of themes on the natural sciences, environmental management, and natural history to wildlife art. Held in the Conference Room in the R.J. Robertson Biodiversity Centre each Wednesday at 7:00 pm, seminars begin in the first week of May. All are welcome!

Date Speaker Talk Title
2 May Dr. Lisle Gibbs
Dept. of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology, Ohio State Univ.
Conservation and coevolution at the molecular level: case studies from rattlesnakes
9 May QUBS researchers and staff What we do at QUBS.
16 May No seminar NA
23 May Dr. Rute Clemente-Carvalho, Biology, Queen's University The striking biodiversity of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. New species discoveries and the extraordinary miniaturised toads in the genus Brachycephalus
30 May Dr. Evelyn Jensen, Biology, Queen's University The past, present and future of the Giant Galápagos Tortoises on Pinzón Island
6 June Dr. Andrea Kirkwood
Biology. University of Ontario Institute of Technology
It takes a village: Building community-university partnerships as a viable model for environmental research
13 June Dr. Stephen Lougheed, Biology, Queen's University Avian diversity of East Africa.
20 June Ian Fife, Bird Studies Canada Frontenac Forest IBA and ongoing work on Cerulean Warblers
27 June Dr. Stephen Lougheed, Biology, Queen's University BEARWATCH. Creating a pan-Arctic monitoring program integrating genomics and traditional ecological knowledge.
4 July Dr. Scott Ramsay. Biology. Laurier University. Just when you thought you knew everything: song variation in white-throated sparrows.
11 July Shelley Ball, Biosphere Environmental Education Antarctica: stories of women’s leadership, climate change, and a sustainable future
18 July Documentary screening. The Messenger. http://songbirdsos.com/about/messenger/
25 July David Rival and Mike Rainbow. Mechanical and Materials Engineering. Queen's University Bio-propulsion and adaptation: A two-way street connecting biology and engineering
1 August Dr. Beth McDougall-Shackleton.  Biology, Western University Love in the time of malaria
8 August Tom Ray. Amateur local astronomer. The night sky from the perspective of a prisoner of gravity. Astronomy and amateur astronomy, as well as the incredible things which you can see in an amateur telescope.
15 August Auston Chhor, Danny Glassman, Brooke Etherington (Carleton University). Audrey Turcotte, Catherine Čapkun-Huot. University of Ottawa Exploring the consequences of 186 years of altered environments in the Rideau Canal waterway on aquatic organisms
22 August Amelia Cox, Biology, Queen's University Long-term study of an avian aerial insectivore points to climate change as a driver of decline
29 August Steve McGovern. (Retired, Aquatic Ecosystem Team Leader. Northeast Science and Information Section. MNR, Northeast Ontario Region, South Porcupine) Rivers of Ontario's far north - Balancing development and protection